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Umpire's Corner

by Paul Del Net

This is a question from Jim Moisse of Wild Wing.

Thanks to Jim for this questions as it is a regular event for us because we play in such short fields.

4 base award.

 This happened in a game the Bandits were playing in, we were batting, one of our guys hit the ball over the right field fence, it was going out any ways but the defensive player made a try to catch it and it nicked his glove and continued over the fence.  I ruled it a home run because it would have gone out anyways if it wasn’t touched. This used to be the rule, in fact this rule has changed about 3 times in the past 10 years for some reason.

I was wrong, the rule as it is now states;

 From the rulebook.

“Any ball touched by a defensive player which then goes over the fence in fair territory shall be a four base award and not considered a home run”

Intent is not considered in this rule. Any touch means it is a 4 base award.

Good sportsmanship will be critical when calling this.

 There was another event the other night involving the 2 base award on an over throw.

From the rulebook.

·        all runners, including the batter-runner shall be awarded two bases from the last base legally touched based on their position at the time that the thrown ball left the fielder’s hand if there are two runners between the same bases, the award is based on the position of the lead runner  

Consider the scenario, unlikely but possible, when there are runners on first and second, the batter hits a fair ground ball and everyone starts to run.

The batter/runner and the guy on first are extremely fast and the guy on second running to third is really slow, all three runners are between second and third when the outfielder throws the ball and it ends up out of play. The important element here is that the runner that started at 2nd base has not yet touched 3rd base.

The base awards are as follows.

The runner that started on 2nd  is awarded 3rd and home, 2 bases. The runner that started on second is only award 3rd  because of what the lead runners position was and the batter/runner is awarded 2nd base.

This is a rare event but a variation of this did happen the other night.

And 1 last quick item:

I was asked the other day if on a force play can the fielder hold the ball in his hand and touch the base with his glove to get the out.

The answer is yes,

As long as the player is in control of the ball, in his glove or hand, and it is a force play then the out is recorded.

A TAG is the action of a fielder in touching a base with his body while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or glove; or touching a runner with the ball, or with his hand or glove holding the ball, while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or glove.

The order of precedence for the rules we use are:
 - Special league rules that supersede those of SPO.
 - If not modified by our bylaws the SPO Handbook should be used.

The SPO handbook can be found at:
(It says 2012 but its valid)

Many rules are not specifically listed in the SPO hand book but can be found in the Softball  Canada rule book.

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Bloomingdale Park
1031 Snyders Flats Rd,
Bloomingdale, ON N0B 1K0

Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club
1229 Beitz Road, Breslau, ON N2G 4B6

League News and Announcements

Schedule change:  Bloomingdale diamond 1 is closed the week of May 6 -10.  The 2 games originally scheduled for Bloomingdale 1 on Monday May 6 have been moved to Tuesday May 7 at BRG 2 (same times).

Spring Training 2019:  Edelweiss Tavern, May 2, 7pm

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Cancellation Policy: - your contact for whether games are on or not is your team captain.  If the league is notified of any diamond closings, captains will be emailed, and they will then contact their teams. In addition, beginning in 2018, as soon as games are cancelled, they will be updated as such on GameOn Mobile.
  If you don't hear anything, game is on!  Decisions may also be made at the park by the teams.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Masters Slo Pitch League is recreational and open to men 40 and over.  Our games are played at Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club and Bloomingdale Park,  at 6:30 or 8:15  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Our season runs from early May to mid September and consists of over 35 games including playoffs.  We use Slo Pitch Ontario rules with a few exceptions.  Cost is only $135 per fulltime player for the 2017 season.

This is a great way to spend an evening or two a week in the park, rekindling your youthful exuberance, and making new friends. Many of our members review the highlights of their game over refreshments and munchies afterwards.

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